Once you’ve made the country drive through untouched forest to arrive at Como, you’ll be primed for an exceptional experience— a time to quiet the “white noise” of modern life, enjoy God’s brushstrokes, and focus on the gift of sacred tranquility.


For the next four days you will walk a spiritual path of ten Biblically based “steppingstones” that will lead you into a deeper intimate encounter with your Creator.


Upon arrival at Como, you will have time to settle into your private room and unwind. Take a moment to explore. Chances are, you’ll feel drawn to the banks of the Mississippi River, just a brief walk away from your room. Later you’ll meet fellow retreatants at the welcome gathering and dinner.


The next two days you will rest in the silent flow of a monastic atmosphere. There will be times for listening and learning, then refreshment and rest. Each day you will walk through the revelation of the spiritual stones, with plenty of time to process through contemplation, prayer, and journaling. Nature walks offer opportunities for contemplation while soaking up the natural surroundings.


”Quietness is the classroom

where you learn to hear God’s voice”